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Troy 30c Mission Statement

about 1 year ago

Our Vision 

  • Our learning community will be accountable and responsible for fulfilling our mission. 


  • Will be creative and independent problem solvers while developing a life-long passion for learning. 


  • Will be collaborative partners in making education the priority. 


  • Will be advocates for all learners, focus on academic achievement, and build on student successes by committing to continuous instructional improvement and providing an environment that supports the social development of all students.

Click here to learn more about Troy CCSD 30c's Strategic Plan 

Shorewood Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policies

over 3 years ago

Morning Drop-Off

  •  Children should NOT arrive before 8:20 am
  •  Children may enter the building when the doors open at 8:20 am and proceed directly to their classrooms or to the cafeteria for grab and go breakfast
  •  All children MUST be in their classrooms and ready to learn by 8:35 am
  •  Tardy students must sign into the office where they will be given a pass to be bring to their teacher

Absent From School  

It is the parents' responsibility to contact the Shorewood office at 815-577-7312 when your child will be absent from school. Please call our office before 8:35 am with your child's name, teacher's name, and the reason for the absence. Our school is equipped with voicemail, so you may call anytime, day or night, and leave a message. Our policy states that students who have not been called in by an adult will have an unexcused absence on their record.

Can I Pick Up My Child Early?  

Please use the front entrance (south end of the building) when entering to pick up your children. All other doors are locked during school hours. Students will only be released from the office after you sign them out. When a student is being picked up early or at dismissal, we must have a note from the parent/guardian. We will release a student without a note only on an emergency basis. Please send a note for each student and for every pickup. If your student is a daily pickup and you have a note on file, you do not need to send a note daily. All students who leave school early are required to be signed out in the school office by a parent/guardian.  

From Bus to Bus

Due to the number of students we transport daily, the district only allows students to ride the bus or van that is designated to transport them to and from their homes. Bus passes to change a bus will not be issued unless it is an extreme emergency.

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Online predators

over 3 years ago

Over the past several years online predators have been a growing concern as the number of young students involved in online chat continually increases. It has already happened in this community. Below are tips to prevent this from happening to your child.

  •  Never put a computer in a child's bedroom
  •  Never allow a child on the computer in the afternoon without an adult in the house
  •  Stay out of chat rooms
  •  Adults should control passwords and sign the kids on yourself, especially with young children
  •  Don't allow children to post personal information in profiles or web pages
  •  Be nosey, know the people your children are chatting with and review their profiles and web pages
  •  The most dangerous times for a child to be online is from 2-5pm. Most offenders solicit children from work, not from their homes.
  •  Web cams can be very dangerous. If you or your child accept a web cam invitation from someone, make sure it is someone they know very well. They can attach a virus, which allows them to activate your web cam at anytime without your knowledge.
  •  Offenders target children with low self-esteem, who have difficulty developing relationships with their peers for whatever reasons, and have little relationship with parents.

Parents, talk to your children about messages they may receive. Encourage them to report threats, inappropriate chat or invitations to meet immediately. Contact police with issues and save the information you have rather than canceling screens or deleting emails. Contact your local police agency with questions and concerns.

Nurse's Notes

over 3 years ago

If you would like your child to have cough drops or any other medications while at school, please request a Administration of Medication form. I cannot give any medications if this form is not completed by the doctor and signed by the parent. The Medication Form and other valuable health information can be found in Health Services under the Parent Resources tab of the community drop down.

If you have any questions, please call 815-577-7312.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

S. Storde, R.N., Medical Aide